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Rye Bread Toronto

Located in west end Toronto, Future Bakery bakes over a dozen different types of rye bread each day. Our rye bread selection includes light rye bread, caraway rye bread, European rye bread, dark rye bread, marble rye bread, Bavarian rye bread, sweet and sour rye bread, triple kimmel rye bread, light double rye bread, pumpernickle round rye bread, pumpernickle rye bread, farmers light rye bread, Polish rye bread - both Zakopianski Polish style rye bread and Poznanski Polish style dark rye bread - and farmers rye bread.


Future Bakery also has 100% rye bread, pioneer rye bread, Borodynsky Russian rye bread, Sovital rye bread, Artisinal rye breads including poppy seed rye bread, sunflower rye bread, and onion rye bread.

Future Bakery breads are traditionally made with natural ingredients. We do not use preservatives, additives, or chemicals in our products. And unlike our competitors, Future Bakery does not use active packaging, i.e. preservatives added to the packing material to extend shelf life.

Better taste. Better products. Happier customers. It's that simple.

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