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Aunt Irene's Kitchen in Toronto

Old World Goodness

One of Toronto's best kept hot food secrets in the Future Bakery family is Aunt Irene's - home style old European cooking at its finest.


Aunt Irene's menu begins with homemade soups including our famous Ukrainian Borscht, Uzvar, Zurek (Polish: żur or żurek) - a sour rye soup, Wild mushroom soup, Solyanka (Ukrainian: солянка) - a thick, spicy soup with kielbasa, potatoes, and carrots. We also have old time favourites such as Yellow split pea soup and Chicken noodle soup.

The menu continues with cabbage rolls including cabbage rolls with mushrooms and cabbage rolls with meat (beef & pork), pierogies or varenyky with mushrooms, varenyky with potato and cheese and palyshky. We also have oven roasted potatoes, bigos (plain or with meat), schnitzel, homemade kielbasa and kishka, potato pancakes, chicken wrapped in bacon, plov with pork, roasted vegetables, and mushroom sauce.

Aunt Irene's menu includes blintzes, crêpes, syrnyky, and patychky (Ukrainian: патички) aka "meat on a stick" fresh every day. We also make a variety of fresh salads including beet salad, carrot salad, cabbage salad, cucumber salad, and olivier salad.

Aunt Irene's also provides catering. Visit us today to place your order.

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