In 1881, German doctor Edward Kern sent a letter to his botanical society about a secret delicacy enjoyed by the people of the Caucus Mountains. According to lore this delicacy, which came in the form of a drinkable liquid, rejuvenated health and prolonged life. The delicacy in question was Kefir, one of the beverages produced by milk fermentation. Through this process Kefir arrives at its delicious taste. Kefir has become an important functional dairy food due to its scientifically supported physiological effects associated with good health and performance. This includes stimulation of the immune system by boosting nonspecific immune responses. Our tangy Organic Goat Milk Kefir provides the beneficial probiotics for healthy intestinal flora to those individuals who prefer the additional health benefits of goat milk or who have allergies to cow milk.

Organic Goat Milk Drinkable Kefir 946ml