Who said chocolate milk has to be unhealthy. Our Decadent Dark Chocolate Milk is packed with a spectrum of powerful antioxidant polyphenols from our premium Valhrona cocoa powder and raw organic honey. Additionally cocoa is rich in flavanols which improve the level of nitric oxide in your blood relaxing the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure; and flavanols from cocoa may improve symptoms of Type2 Diabetes when consumed in moderation. Moreover, Jersey milk is significantly higher in calcium and has 10% more protein. It is higher in Omega3’s than regular milk which results in it having 30% less cholesterol. It also has 15% less sugar than regular milk. Jersey cows produce A2 protein milk which some find easier to digest. We bottle this exclusive line of products in recyclable glass to avoid the risk of endocrine disruptors leaching from bottles made of PET (plastic). Finally studies have confirmed what we’ve known all along; cocoa has a positive impact on mood, symptoms of depression and age-related mental degeneration.

Grass Fed Organic Jersey Decadent Dark Chocolate Milk 4.9% mf 946ml